Occlusal Guards for TMJD and Bruxism

TMJD and bruxism are conditions which may be treated with occlusal guards. Bruxism is a condition where you grind or clench your teeth excessively, sometimes without even realizing it, in your sleep. Both of these conditions can cause your teeth to wear down much quicker than normal wear and tear. The damage to your teeth can be extensive, and may cause issues with your bite as well. The best course for this condition is prevention.

One way to help prevent the damage of bruxism, TMJD and other conditions that may damage your teeth while you sleep is using an occlusal guard. These guards are most often made from acrylic, and custom fitted by making molds of your teeth. Worn while you’re sleeping, occlusal guards create a barrier between your teeth, and stop the damage of grinding and clenching them together.

Click here for a more in depth explanation of TMJD.

Is an occlusal guard the right treatment for me?

Here at Meyers Family Dental, we can examine your teeth to see if there is evidence of bruxism, TMJD or damage from other sleep disorders. If it is needed, we will walk you through the steps to get your own occlusal guard, and prevent further damage to your teeth.

A cast of your upper or lower teeth is made, depending on the situation, and then custom fitted to ensure it is comfortable, and provides the most protection possible. Once your guard is made, we schedule a visit for you to come in to make sure the fit is correct, then we will walk you through the proper care and usage.

At Meyers Family Dental our goal is to protect one of your most valuable assets – Your Smile!