Vizilite –the industry leading technology to detect oral cancer

Vizilite has been helping dentist discover cancerous and pre-cancerous cells in their patients for over a decade. The process takes under two minutes and is completely pain free. It uses a dye and special light to find the location of cancerous and pre-cancerous cells to provide early stages of detection. The use of this new technology has a proven record of reducing false positives, and in turn a reduced number of needless biopsies and worrying.


Detect oral cancer in early stages, when the disease is most curable

This modern technology discovers many cancers early, while they are most curable. Over forty thousand people are diagnosed each year with oral cancer and half of those will not survive 5 years, mostly due to late detection of their cancer.

The American Dental Association and Oral Cancer Foundation list symptoms and higher risk factors as:

Oral cancer, if caught early, can be treated successfully in many cases, as with many cancers. It is important to adopt a positive lifestyle, visit your dentist as they recommend for your check ups, and be aware of any changes. If you find something that concerns you schedule an appointment with Dr. Meyers right away to for peace of mind and early potential detection.



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