Veneers – a perfect smile for imperfect teethLovers

The transformation that veneers can make in one’s appearance can truly be breathtaking, and enhance self-esteem with a photographic smile looking back at you in the mirror. A beautiful smile is not only good for the soul, studies have found that when you are perceived to have a great smile you are perceived to be smarter and have higher paying jobs. The biggest reason for a perfect and beautiful smile is quite simply how you feel about yourself.

Veneers are often the best treatment solution for:

What is a veneer?

Veneers are a thin porcelain or composite layer that is custom made in our lab and molded for perfect fit by your dentist. It is fitted on the top of your tooth and you cannot tell that it is there. A small amount of enamel is taken to fit the veneer so this is a permanent procedure. With proper care these will last a very long time. Your dentist may advise you against drinking certain beverages that may stain such as red wine, tea and coffee and advise you not to smoke to get the greatest longevity from your procedure.

The impact of veneers and a perfect smile would have in your life

Veneers not only look natural but they wear as your own teeth as well, and you care for them the same as you do for your teeth. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Meyers makes a point to be there for you. She is a skilled dentist and caring professional that will discuss all of your options, the pros and cons, expenses and timing. Her perspective and advice with every consultation always derives from an understanding of your specific situation to achieve lasting dental health and the smile you deserve.


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