The Intra-oral camera is a great tool to involve you in your dental care and show you exactly what Dr. Meyers is seeing.

Dr. Meyers puts a premium on staying up on the latest technology and procedures and integrates them in to her practice whenever possible. The intra-oral camera is a prime example of this. This state-of-the-art camera sends images of your mouth to a monitor so you can see what we see during your dental exam.

We believe that when our patients can see what is going on in their mouths and understand what dental issues they have that they will take a proactive approach to their dental care. It is our philosophy that we are partners with our patients in the road to complete dental health and that together we will be successful.

Having the ability to see a specific problem, decay or a broken tooth, also allow us to better educate and explain the treatment options that are available. It is important to the team at Meyers Family Dental that our patients are informed, as we believe this empowers them to make the best decisions in their care.

We have also found that our patients, and the relationships we have formed with them as partners in their dental health and, the respect that we have for them, motivates them to adopt great habits between visits. Our patients who have outstanding oral hygiene benefit from reduced dental issues and better oral health in general. Together our efforts are stronger that alone.

Intra-Oral Camera



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