The foundation to maintaining good oral health starts with your regularly scheduled visits to Dr. Meyers, Westerville office.

meyer-office-1These visits to clean your teeth and assess your overall health may not seem important, however they are the cornerstone to preventing dental issues before they begin. These visits are also critical in catching issues early when they can be treated with less invasive, and less expensive treatment.  Dental cleanings (teeth cleanings) are recommended on a schedule that is tailored for your individual needs. For instance, those with periodontal disease might need to be seen three to four times per year to have their teeth cleaned and gums examined, while those with excellent dental health may be fine visiting the dentist twice per year.

Dr. Meyers knows that those who regularly visit the dentist, and follow good dental habits at home are more likely to have healthy teeth and gums. For those who have dental issues, seeing Dr. Meyers on a more frequent basis for dental check-ups, and teeth cleanings to remove excess tartar are an essential step towards returning to complete dental health.


When you visit Meyers Family Dental, we will conduct a complete dental check-up which includes the following:

Dr. Meyers will also answer any questions you may have, and ask if you have had any issues that concern you since your last visit. Don’t be concerned or embarrassed to bring what you may think is a small issue to her attention. Dr. Meyers training allows her to treat areas of the jaw that may be causing you issues from grinding your teeth, you may want to discuss ways to get whiter teeth or perhaps discuss veneers. We are here to help, and ready to discuss whatever concerns you have. We are partners in your dental health, and we will find the answers and discuss treatment options together. Dr. Meyers will also discuss the steps you need to follow at home to maintain a healthy mouth.

Throughout your visit, we will make every effort to ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience while providing excellent dental care.



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