Dental Implants – Long Term Restorative Solution for Missing TeethMature couple smiling

Using modern technology, Dr. Meyers can replace your damaged tooth with a dental implant and rebuild your smile. The implant procedure includes replacing the root of a missing tooth with a dental implant that acts as an anchor for a new tooth. Dr. Meyers takes every effort to minimize swelling and discomfort during this common, yet very effective procedure. The result is a strong, functional and natural looking tooth.

What are dental implants?

Also known as a dental prosthesis, endosseous implant or fixture, dental implants are a way to anchor a prosthetic tooth into your actual bone for a long term to permanent tooth replacement. A dental implant consists of 3 pieces:

Implants are a replacement solution for a single missing tooth, and also may be used to bridge gaps of consecutive missing teeth. Ultimately, for bridging gaps of multiple teeth, implants are a more natural, comfortable and less painful option than molded dentures. However, options are available for both fixed and removable prosthetic. Either way, they are more comfortable because they truly look, feel, and chew like real teeth when firmly attached where they should be.

How do the implants work?

Dental implants rely on osseointegration, which is a biological process where the implant is anchored into the bone of the jaw or skull, and bonds with the bone over time. In order for this bonding to occur, the implant must be made of a material such as titanium that is naturally accepted and assimilated within the bone.

Are dental implants painful?

One of our first and greatest priorities for any procedure at Meyers Family Dental is your comfort in an environment that is as pain free as possible. However, after leaving our office, there will realistically be some discomfort while it heals in the form of soreness and some minor swelling. We will be with you every step of the way, and once you have healed, you will no longer experience pain when chewing!

Are they covered by dental insurance?

Unfortunately, the procedures for implants are not covered by most types of insurance. When it comes to how much dental implants cost, there are a number of variables to determine the best procedure for you and your budget. We want to provide you with a comfortable experience and consultation to provide you with an accurate determination of how much your dental implants will cost. What matters most to us is helping you to feel a deep confidence that only a healthy and full smile can bring.


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