A pain free, comfortable experience for every patient.  Is conscious sedation for you?


Many of us have a fear of going to the dentist, whether it is from a past negative experience, or a preconceived impression from our past, these fears can prevent people from taking care of their oral health. This can tragically often lead to advanced oral disease.


THERE IS NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO EXPERIENCE PAIN WITH TODAYS MODERN TECHNOLOGY. Dr. Meyers entered the field of dentistry to help those who fear the dentist to conquer this needless apprehension. She is committed to changing the negativity associated with dentistry from past generations into a new, positive affirmation of the importance of oral health and the benefits associated with this.


For some this will include the need for conscious sedation to help relax the patient. Dr. Meyers encourages her patients to openly share their concerns about treatment, and any fears they may have. There is no judgment at Meyers Family Dental, rather there is a respect for each patient and their individual needs, whatever they may be. Many patients do better with a form of conscious sedation and are able to reach their dental health goals in a relaxed, stress free environment with the use of this treatment. If you believe you could benefit from this approach, Dr. Meyers is there to discuss what options would work best for you. The goal is the same for all – to maintain complete oral health; the road we take to get there, however, is as unique as we are as individuals. Dr. Meyers is your partner in finding the path that is best for you.

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