At Meyers Family Dental we love to encourage our patients in positive ways, and are very proud of our No Cavity Club members! We use our No Cavity Club to recognize and applaud our younger patients to develop good oral health habits which will carry them into a lifetime of maintaining their oral health.

All patients are eligible to be a part of the “Club”, just keep brushing and flossing daily and the next time you visit us if don’t have any cavities… CONGRATULATIONS! You are a member!
If you do have a cavity, just keep doing your best brushing and flossing daily and eating a healthy diet and next time you visit our office, if you have no cavities, we will welcome you to the “Club” then!

August ‘No Cavity Club’ Members

001 005 006 007 008 009 010 011

July ‘No Cavity Club’ Members

001 Caleigh Dhruv Dylan Elliot Jackson,Evan, Owen Kate Kelly Liam Luke Molly Quinn

Ethan, Evan

June ‘No Cavity Club’ Members

Ashlee Ashton Elliana Milena Oliva

May ‘No Cavity Club’ Members


April  ‘No Cavity Club’ Members

Eloise Isaiah Owen