Dental bridges – filling gaps for a complete smile

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Dr. Meyers places bridges to replace missing teeth and improve your smile and overall appearance. Typically made of porcelain or zirconia, bridges are artificial teeth that are fitted into the spot of a missing tooth and attached to the existing teeth on either side. The permanent bridge improves your appearance and health by allowing proper chewing and preventing other teeth from shifting.

What are dental bridges exactly?

A missing tooth can leave an unsightly gap in your smile, affect your oral health, and your confidence. A dental bridge fills that gap with artificial teeth, consisting of three or more crowns connecting to fill the gap for a perfect fit. Crowned teeth are called abutments and the artificial teeth between are called pontics. The abutments can be implemented using natural teeth or implanted posts.

At Meyers Family Dental, we will discuss all options and recommend the procedure that is right for you.

So how long does it take for a dental bridge procedure?

At Meyers Family Dental, precision, quality, and lasting solutions are the factors that determine our approach to your dental health. With that in mind, for a traditional bridge we follow a standard process of visits to make certain we obtain a perfect fit and a perfect smile.


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