The appreciation continues…

Each June we celebrate Father’s and the important influence they have on their children’s health. As you can imagine, Dads play an important role in shaping their child’s lifestyle in any number of ways. Time after time, studies have proven that children are watching us constantly and what we do as fathers is much more impactful than what we say.

One recent study found that what children see their fathers eat plays out in their children’s diet. Experts found this to be true when both eating in and eating out. If a father consumes large amounts of sweets? Their children follow suit. Kids tend to be little recording machines, simply playing back what they digest.

It turns out that fathers also play an important role when it comes to developing their children’s oral health habits. Experts have determined that your children are watching their dads take care of their smiles! This is good news for those that are setting a good example but troubling for those that are not. As opposed to women, men are less likely to brush and floss daily and even more men delay dental care until there is a problem, skipping those critical dental check-ups and preventive measures.

Does this sounds like you? Make June the month that you improve your own health and begin to set the example that will carry your children’s lives both now and into the futures. Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and letting your child see you taking care of your smile goes a very long way. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting the dentist a minimum of twice a year goes even further. Again, whether we realize it or not our children are watching!

The whole team at Meyers Family Dental would like to wish all the fathers, grandfathers, and important male role models a very happy Father’s Day. Here’s to you guys  for helping to shape our children into caring and healthy individuals. Never forget that what you do in your life will help to mold theirs.

Happy Father’s Day!