Smile, Dad! Good habits are easy to build!

Every June, we take the time to honor the men in our lives. Father’s Day and Men’s Health month make June official. At Meyers Family Dental, we thought this was the perfect time to make sure those guys who do so much for us are reminded that we want them to be around for a long time. Which–of course–means that they have to make great choices and establish healthy habits.

Dental health, as you know, is an important component of overall health. Studies have shown that poor oral hygiene may be associated with strokes, heart attacks, and perhaps even linked to pancreatic cancer. The basics of sound oral health aren’t complicated. Brushing twice daily, flossing along with visiting your dentist twice a year will keep most men in great dental standing. If these habits are begun early in life and maintained they could go a long way to prevent dental issues and provide a lifetime with a healthy mouth. Even if you do face issues, those caught early are always easier to deal with than advanced dental disease. Know what else is true? Men will set a sterling example for those around them!

According to a recent study, 39% of men never floss. Considering brushing only reaches 60% of the tooth’s surface, this is an alarming statistic. Imagine all those statistics spilling over into your children’s lives as their teeth develop. The good news is that similar studies show that once someone begins visits to the dentist, they are likely to continue to see them. So take that first step today if you are among those who haven’t been to the dentist in a while or have a loved one who needs a reminder. For those of you who are already on the right path, give yourself a pat on the back!

As usual, we are incredibly grateful for all the men in our lives. Celebrate dads, men’s health, and good habits this June. Give our office a call if you are looking for a dentist, we promise you’ll be glad you did.