Cool blues and sparkling whites…

We all have visions of what a perfect summer means. Cool, blue pool waters and crisp, white linens… As well, we all have visions of our perfect smile. The benefits of a great smile may be more than you realize. Studies have shown that you are making an impression with your smile on people when you first meet them, good or bad. Studies have also shown that those with great smiles do better in job interviews and are even more likely to be the successful candidate. Those who are comfortable with their smiles tend to smile more often and without worry. And there is a whole world of benefits to simply smiling more as well.

Consider teeth whitening this summer as a reasonable, achievable goal toward a better smile. Summer is a great time to schedule treatments before the hectic back to school season begins. Smile makeovers are also key to greater confidence. Dr. Meyers at Meyers Family Dental has helped many people find the smile of their dreams! And if the lack of dental insurance is standing in your way of making this summer the summer of the perfect smile for you, don’t despair. Meyers Family Dental is proud to offer an in-house dental plan that can help you reach your goals.

Call our office today to learn more about our in-house dental plan and to schedule your appointment to get you on the road to your perfect smile! No matter what else you do this summer, though, we hope you spend time with your family, friends, and your other loved ones!