2022: The Year of the Smile

At Meyers Family Dental, we are in the business of making you smile. We know how important your smile is. Besides some structural things (like eating) and some cultural things (like people who never smile make us uncomfortable), we care so much about your smile that we’ve made 2022 the Year of the Smile.

Your smile is the foundation of your confidence, and your confidence affects everything else about you. Smiling releases endorphins which make you happy. And you being happy make people around you happy. It cascades! Even when you smile for no reason, it can improve your mood. Smiling can also make you more attractive to others. Happiness is contagious and when you smile, the more people will reciprocate leading to better overall interactions. 

All this together not only makes for solid overall health and a full belly, but these better social interactions help combat symptoms of depression and lead to a better overall mood. If you aren’t comfortable with your smile, there is a solution. 

At Meyer’s Family Dental, we offer an array of services to brighten your new year with a bright new smile. Whether it be cosmetic, restorative, or even maintenance, we are here to offer a solution. Technology changes every year also, and you might have outdated ideas of both what’s possible and what it might cost! This New Year, make it your resolution to smile. Schedule an appointment to review your many options today!